1. Here’s what our boxers are saying about our zoom classes!

“I really enjoyed the web class. There are times that I’m not having a good day, for whatever reason and having a web class helps. If I feel I don’t want to drive, or go out in bad weather, I know its not the same, but hearing coaches and others in class is good.  Keep up the good work!”              YA


“Class was just great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You were so well prepared, the stretching was wonderful, I loved the shadow boxing, and everything went smoothly. Coach Kevin is a great techie guy and Coach Denise was happily Denise, urging and prodding, and giving “atta girls/boys” in all the right places. I would be happy doing this three days a week until life gets back to some form of normal.Thanks for your help, concern, and loving kindness.“           JF

“It’s really great that you are doing the class on  the internet.  It’s not the same as coming to the gym and working out, especially with the boxing bags but it’s great just the same.”                      KS